Candy Crush Saga Full Review


Candy Crush Saga belongs to the category of mobile games known as “casual.” It’s simple to play and even simpler to become addicted to. If you’re bored, Candy Crush Saga can easily consume all of your time. Look no further if you desire mindless colour-matching.

candy crush puzzle game

Getting Crushed-Game Play

The game is simple—swipe two candies to alter their positions—and the feedback is so well-designed that we’re confident that even someone who has never used a smartphone could figure it out. You only have a certain number of moves to earn as many points as possible. To earn points, line up at least three alike candies in a row (or at least five in a L) to “crush” them.

As you crush sweets, new ones appear from the top of the screen to fill the void. This makes strategizing, beyond the use of special super sweets difficult. It’s worth discussing the music because, like the game, it’s entertaining.

The game will occasionally switch things up by asking you to score a certain number of points in a given number of moves, or by introducing “jelly” squares that can only be eliminated by crushing candies. The shape of the stages varies from level to level, with hard-to-crush wings added to the sides of the core board on occasion. Surprisingly, these minor adjustments can make some levels extremely challenging.

Candy Coated

Because it’s difficult, if not impossible, to strategize in games like Candy Crush, random elements ensure that some games will be essentially challenging.

You begin with five lives and can recover one life every half-hour. You can pay for lives, for those who don’t like to wait if you want extra lives. If you really want to win more often, you may consider purchasing unique extra powers, which cost only 99 cents. Candy Crush is meant to keep you playing, from the visuals to the soundtrack, just like arcade cabinets.


Candy Crush Saga is a well-made casual game that keeps your thumb sliding around the screen for a long time. It’s not as cynical as you might anticipate, but there’s little room for strategy, and the games alternate between easy and annoyingly difficult to keep you on your toes.

So, if you’re seeking for a game that will keep you comfortable while also providing you with exciting challenges to finish, Candy Crush Saga is the game for you.