How to be better at Sudoku

newspaper-412452_640Wondering how to make Sudoku simple? Well, do not think too much, there are easy steps you can follow to make the game a breeze. Here are some of the tips you can try out.

The purpose of the game is to arrange all the numbers to make a nine-square box. However, you cannot have the same number in a row, column or the same block, you can use this fact to guess the next number you need to include.

Always include the definite digits first when playing. These numbers only fit into one cell, no matter what. You can make it easy to find these numbers by canvassing the Sudoku columns and rows. Drawing imaginary lines as you include new numbers will definitely help to make the work easier.

The moment you have a couple of numbers included in the puzzle, you can be sure that getting the rest will not take much effort. Move your eyes up and down the puzzle and include any number that comes to mind, especially those that had more than one possibility of appearing before. You will easily notice that the numbers come naturally and since some of them are already in a cell, you won’t need to include them again in the same row or column.

If you have a few numbers remaining, take your time and find out what would possibly be the right number to include. The last numbers are usually the ones that started out tricky, but the easiest to get in the end. This is because the puzzle is almost full. The only thing you need to do at this point is roughly write down some of the numbers you think might fit the boxes. You can cancel them out whenever you see they do not fit and record them on the side to avoid including them again.