Jack and the beanstalk review

jack-01Just like the fairy tale blockbuster, Jack and the Beanstalk is a popular casino game fancied by people of all lifestyles. The game draws on the British fairy tale of a young boy, who lives with his mum, a poor and not too hopeful family. The little hope Jack’s mum has, dwindles even further when Jack comes home with a couple of magic beans, for which he traded their only cow.

When Jack plants the beans, they grow into a giant beanstalk. The beanstalk is so tall; it ends into the clouds where a giant has set up his home. Jack takes this opportunity to venture out and see what he will find at the end of the beanstalk, only to stumble upon the giant’s home. Eventually, Jack steals from the giant, and then kills it by chopping down the beanstalk. Well, as the fairy tale goes, the game is just as interesting and exhilarating.

jack-02The best thing about playing the game is the excellent 3D graphics. This makes the game more enjoyable for adults. Aside from this, the low bets players are allowed to make, makes the game even more interesting.

Then again, just like all the other casino games, Jack and the beanstalk is not devoid of bonus offers. In this case, you are able to play more games if you get free spins. This, in turn, will increase your chances of winning the main prize. For instance, three or more scatter symbols trigger 10 free spins, and when a player bags three or more scatters during the free spin round, he gets an additional five free spins.

The jackpot for the game is also something to talk about. With 600, 000 coins on offer, there is always something to look out for.