Puzzle Games For Smartphone

Who does not love puzzle games for smartphone devices? We carry our devices with us and we rely on it for a lot of things. We use it to keep us connected to those we love. We use it to access our work. Most of us rely on our smartphones to keep us aware of what is happening around us. Our smartphones also serve as a distraction that keeps us from feeling too bored.

The best way to keep ourselves from feeling too bored is by downloading puzzle games. These puzzle games can be a great way to pass the time. Not only that, these games also help keep our mind sharp. The best of these games allow us to practise our intuition and mental abilities. From strategic thinking to critical analysis, these are only some of the things that you can hone – while you are having fun.

Best puzzle games for smartphones

There are so many puzzle games for smartphone devices that it can be overwhelming to choose which of them should be downloaded. Obviously, your personal preferences will come into play. Do you want one that will allow you to play with other people in real-time? Or do you want interactive puzzle games? Try to identify what you prefer so you can have an easier time choosing what to download.

While these puzzle games are great, the free ones make them even better. To help you get started, here are three of the best free puzzle games for smartphone devices.


This is actually a simple puzzle game. You just have to create smaller sections in a box by cropping while dodging a ball that keeps on bouncing on the inside. While the concept is quite simple and easy, it does get harder over time. You get three lives at the start of the game and extra lives will also be given as a reward when you remove a huge part of the board. There are also diamonds that you can earn and use to redeem coloured balls and cutting tools. These can be used throughout the game.

Toy Blast

The primary goal of the game is to match at least 2 blocks that have the same colour. In every level, you have objective-based goals that you have to meet a predetermined number of moves. Sometimes, the goal involves getting rid of unwanted symbols like beach balls or freeing any toys that have been trapped. In this game, you will have 5 lives that also recharges over time.


This game requires you to complete lines in a horizontal or vertical manner. You will be using different shapes that come in groups of threes. When a line is completed, the whole thing disappears. The shapes will keep on coming until the space is filled – in which case you lose and the game is over. If you can manage to keep the shapes from filling the space, then the game can go on forever.
What do you think of these puzzle games for smartphone devices? Do you think they can help entertain you for hours?